Redscope is a social enterprise, operating at the intersection between business and social-political action. Our values are inclusion, diversity, social and political justice, sustainability and agility to prepare ourselves and our leadership to the changing environment of the coming decades. We contribute to

a paradigm change in the way of leading,  

by advising, training and coaching

organizations, leaders, women and men who want to thrive -and survive- in today’s VUCA world.

We inspire your teams and facilitate

new conversations and tailored events

for leaders and change makers of all sectors.




  • Claudia is one of the best moderators I’ve ever worked with at an event! She is full of energy, dynamic, joyous and very funny. What a pleasure to work with her! I highly recommend Claudia for events anywhere and everywhere.

    Josh Levs
    CNN Journalist & U.N. Gender Champion
  • It is always a pleasure to be in the company of Claudia, whether she facilitates workshops or is the speaker at an event. I love her high octane energy which gets us all out of the chair and energized; she is a fantastic, natural all-inclusive moderator.

    It should be must for any organization to have Claudia pump some new energy into any top or middle management group. One really benefits!

    Jette Helding Pedersen
    Global & Director of Human Resources, European University Institute


    • I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Claudia for twenty years on a variety of projects including those with global heads of state and government, with senior executives in the European Union, and with world-class executive coaches from Europe and beyond. She is unfailingly creative, buoyant and effective.

      I have rarely met someone who uses so well the high powered network she has developed and earned over many years to bring people together who can make a difference in their mutual areas of interest.

      Ira Chaleff
      Best Seller Author & Leader of the Courageous Follower Movement
    • Claudia is one of the leading experts on professional equality and leadership.

      Her enthusiasm and generosity make her a speaker of great charisma.

      Isabella Lenarduzzi
      Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Jump ” Promoting gender equality, advancing the economy”
      • Claudia is an outstanding individual with a high sense of professionalism and an acute vision and sense of strategy. Claudia ́s contagious enthusiasm and energy is a plus.

        She efficiently and effectively uses her high level leadership experience and solid academic background as well as her strategic views and unique communication skills. I fully recommend her.

        Marcelo Varela-Erasheva
        Ambassador of Permanent Representation of Costa Rica to the UN in Geneva
      • Claudia is both political scientist and practitioner — an expert, teacher and trainer on leadership, including in her roles as university professor.

        I have found that Claudia has an acute sense of emotional intelligence and is poised to cultivate that in employees, and those engaging complex political institutions. She is knowledgeable, savvy, and politically astute. She is a superb teacher and trainer.

        Mark Lagon
        President of Freedom House; Senior Scholar at Georgetown University
      • The Women & Career Program Fully Meets the Choice that I made to seek put help moving beyond my limitations, knowledge, framework and stories.

        It really is worth it.

        Monica Dias
        Corporate Actions Service Manager;Euroclear
        Redscope Consulting Women & Career Ambassador
      • Passion, enthusiasm, empathy, ethics, these are a few words which can describe Claudia. She has a deep knowledge of the European Institutions and a very operational understanding of its multicultural context.

        It is always a great learning experience to discover her passionate vision on Leadership, especially when she talks about the need for emotional intelligence for managers, or the place of women in management. She has this very special “thing” called empathy to understand people and help deal with them. And, maybe the most important to my eyes, she puts a very high level of ethics in her work.

        Olivier Lambert
        Learning Designer
      • Claudia acts as group coach and facilitator in our pilot talent management programme for women managers.

        Managing the fine balance between appreciating individual personalities and fully exploiting positive group dynamics is her great strength. And this combined with a strong result oriented mindset.

        Marc Wilikens
        Head of HR unit at European Commission
      • Claudia is one of a kind when looking for energy and commitment. Always looking for knowledge, regarding not only to direct issues but to whole 360º perspective.

        Her proficiency for global scenarios, based on personal skills, travelling, professional and academic experiences, give her an accurate sense of analysis and ability, in order to run human and organizational ministries.

        Luis Lobo e Silva
        Global & Business Operations Management

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