We have recently finished the 1st Certification on Followership  by world top thinker Ira Chaleff, co-organised by Redscope Consulting and the Greenhouse Group, in Brussels 17-18 October 2017.


“Courageous Followership recognizes that to be effective at almost every level of an organization, individuals need to play both the leader and follower role adeptly.”

The Courageous Follower offers a new model for the follower role that provides dynamic support for leaders but does not hesitate to constructively speak truth to power. It also offers a model of Courageous Leadership that creates the conditions in which it is easier for followers to speak the truth as they see it and for leaders to give appropriate consideration to what they are being told. It offers a developmental path to true partnership between leaders and followers in the service of the organization’s mission.


Ira Chaleff had intensive days in Brussels, training top EU institutions managers on the power of courageous followers & creating an impressive first group of Followership alumni from Europe, Australia, India and Indonesia. Enthusiasm for his very needed work and models was widespread and we look forward to nourishing the seeds he generously planted these days.

Thank you, dearest Ira Chaleff for teaching by BEING with so much wisdom, generosity, depth & sense of mission!