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Creating in Chaos


Creating in Chaos: Can Chaos and Disruption be the Perfect Conditions for Innovation and Creative Change?

@ ILA Annual Global Conference “Leadership in Turbulent Times”

14 October 2017, Brussels. 10:30-11:45


Can the chaos and disruption of the VUCA world be the perfect conditions for innovation and positive change? If so, what are the transformational processes required to build positive change from confusion? The panelists, senior women, and men from different sectors (academia, public administration, politics, and business), were experts in ground-breaking areas. They addressed the questions below focusing both on their own sectors’ experience and on the interconnections between their sectors and the bigger -global- picture at the ILA Annual Global Conference ” Leadership in Turbulent Times. They were invited to examine new trends, ideas and good practices in their domains, to be intellectually provocative, and propose concrete tips to tap into the creative forces prompted by turbulence.


Panel questions:

  • The role of agile managers: going from Plan & Predict to Feel & React. How to develop an “inner GPS” that guides managers’ decisions, when there are too many variables?
  • What are the trends & best practices in creating agile structures (business, public, politics, etc)? What is the future for rigid bureaucracies?
  • How to integrate a new model of compromise between structure and surprise/agility? How to integrate creativity in Organisational Development processes?
  • How to manage Ethical dilemmas when you have a “ship” to lead?
  • How to address the generational gap and pursue an inter-generational alliance that allies youth boldness & IT-wisdom with memory and experience?
  • How to create performing systems to manage the massive crisis ahead (artificial intelligence, climate change, etc)?


Chair: Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha, Executive Director of RedScope Consulting (Brussels, EU), Senior Leadership Advisor/author.


  • Jesse Segers, Associate Dean at Antwerp Management School, Author/academic (co-organisor of this panel).
  • Shéhérazade semsar-de boisséson, Director POLITICO, media outlet, Brussels.
  • Cathleen Clerkin, Center for Creative Leadership, Author/academic, US.