May every accomplishment you make this year give purpose to your life. May we collectively work, inspire and lead others to more joyous, inclusive, sustainable, agile and fair societies in 2018.


Find your voice and inspire Others

Leaders and leaders-to-be can easily have their unique voices silenced. Either for lack of courage or organisational support, due to insecurity or simply because they think their opinions would easily get lost in the noise of today’s chaotic professional environments.

So, they gradually resign to the ‘status quo’ and remain quiet instead of speaking up, even when they have an opinion that could eventually bring advantages to their teams, communities, organisations…

If this is the case for you, you might need an extra help in “finding/refining your voice as a leader” in order to create your own compelling and unique leadership brand. We can help with this challenge, as we have done with hundreds of people so far.

Together we can make important changes happen in your life and in your organisation!


New Year is also a moment to say “Thank YOU”

2017 was a year full of interesting challenges and exciting projects at Redscope Consulting. We are grateful for all those who inspired us and supported our work last year and look forward to a peaceful and stimulating 2018 with you all.



Time to upgrade yourself!

Use this new year to explore new opportunities and to invest in self-development and learning. In today’s rapidly changing world, life-long learning is a sine qua non condition for those who wish to remain active, motivated and determined to grow professionally and personally.

Check the World Economic Forum’s list of 21st century skills. We can train, coach, facilitate and inspire you – and your teams – in the the key leadership competencies you and your team need.

Emotional Intelligence, social skills, motivation, self-management, empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving, resilience, collaboration and agility are all “muscles” we can help you develop.


In March 2018, get inspired at the JUMP Forum

This year, the JUMP Forum will focus on the key topic of redefining power. Top level speakers will share how to best share the power between men and women to transform the practice of leadership. Save March 8th for this unique event!


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