The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda) recognizes the need for more gender equality in all sectors of society, as well as for women empowerment within decision-making and management sector. Its Goal 5 on Gender Equality and Goal 10 on Reduced Inequalities comprehend a set of key targets, oriented at ending all forms of discrimination against women; adopting legislation and policies for the promotion of gender equality; promoting social, economic and political inclusion of all.

However, despite the recently emerged global trend to swift policies towards gender equality and women empowerment, women are still underrepresented in political processes and the exercise of power (decision making and management positions). The EU Gender Action Plan 2016-2020 and related Guidance Note for DG DEVCO and EU Delegation Staff instruct, among other measures, a Mandatory Gender Analysis to inform EU external spending. While a number of initiatives to support and complement the implementation of the above mentioned policy frameworks already exist at the EU and international level, it is important to continuously enhance the current agenda in order to allow actors to build on mutual work and expertise.

Therefore, as part of the above mentioned agenda, The Office of International IDEA to the European Union and Redscope Consulting co-organized a luncheon event on “Championing Collaboration for Women’s Empowerment. From Best Practices to Action Forward” – on Tuesday, 27 November. Designed to strengthen the existing initiatives on women empowerment in Brussels, the event operated under the following objectives: to bring together decision-makers and key actors of change; to gather the best practices from various sectors; as well as to identify areas for cross-sectoral synergies and/or future initiatives.

15 diverse and cross-sectoral officials and practitioners (from intergovernmental organizations, business, civil society and academia), working towards the women empowerment in their respective professional fields, participated in the discussion on the following matters: stocktaking of effective initiatives, good practices and tools in the field of the empowerment of women, with the related implementation modalities and target groups; stocktaking of collaboration and coordination efforts in the field, including effective collaboration between actors; and identification of policy gaps, reality gaps, and niches for action.

While this was a good step to enhance the ongoing agenda of Gender Equality, there is much more to come! Stay tuned with our future events and activities.