How to keep Gender Equality top of mind, and what are the implications during & post-pandemic?

Cisco’s yearly connect for Women of Impact took place on the 10th of March seeking to connectdevelop new perspectives and possibilities, and inspire bold action and exponential growth.

A year ago we celebrated International Women’s Day, without fully realising how drastically our lives were about to change from that point on and how long this crisis would last. We had to not only to make adjustments to our daily lives, but to find ways of helping this crisis resolve, making an impact on a local and global levels.

The impact of women during the pandemics was the focus of thus conversation at Cisco, that was moderated by Aurelia Takacs & Leslie Delatte. Redscope’s Executive Director Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha joined the conversation to share her perspective on this pressing issue. Later, the conversation welcomed the participation of Cisco’s Senior Director Jaana Kajanmaa, Vice President and General Counsel EMEIA at PLC Maria Lucena Gómez, and Cisco Belux Managing Director Arnaud Spirlet.

While we continue to spread the message and plant seeds of required transformations, think of the actions you could be talking to help the process, since only #TogetherWeLeadChange!