Emotional Intelligence – Why Leaders need it, more than ever?

Today, more than ever, managers and leaders need skills that the majority of them has never received in traditional academic training & education. Emotional Intelligence skills are a sine qua non building block for the VUCA-world leaders and managers, at least for those who to adapt and thrive in today’s changing context.

As Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma defends, this is a key skill-step: “If you want to be successful, you should have great EQ (emotional quotient). Because you’d know how to work with people. No matter how smart you are, if you never know how to work with people, you will never be successful”.

But what is Emotional Intelligence, after all?

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is both the ability to recognize and control your own emotions, and understand what those emotions are telling you. EI also means that you can recognize the emotional wants and needs of others and respond appropriately. Put simply, EI determines self-awareness and people skills. Put schematically, EI is composed of 5 elements, as defined by Daniel Goleman, the father of this discipline: Self-awareness, Self-Management, Motivation, Social Skills and Empathy.

Emotionally-intelligent professionals know how to motivate their teams, they can easily negotiate & communicate with different stakeholders, they are able to prevent conflicts and, in case the tensions are there, they can rapidly manage it in order to focus on the organisation’s interests. It is also key for building trust, collaboration, for creating a sense of collective identity and efficacy, and participating productively in any group.

Can anyone get it?

Let’s be honest, some people are more “naturally” provided with EI. Some people are more empathetic, others are better with self-management, etc. This depends on individual personality style, background, education, social upbringing, etc.

Having said this:

  1. Everybody has something important to develop. The more empathetic profiles usually need to work on their self-management and/or assertiveness; those with bigger self-management frequently need to reinforce their empathy, flexibility and social skills, for instance.
  2. Independently from where you are starting, this is an ability – or set of abilities – that can/needs to be acquired, trained and practiced regularly, as to become automatic. Like training your muscles at the gym…


If you wish to progress, try a good EI training. Like ours…

Why our EI Trainings work?

  • We take you in a journey of Self-Awareness.You will fully understand your predominant profile, styles, triggers, challenges… and the impact you unconsciously have on the people around you.
  • Our methods & tools are based on the latest research (Neuroscience, behavioral psychology, NLP, etc).
  • We have nearly 15 years of experience training and coaching managers and leaders on EI tools. Our clients are very satisfied!
  • We help you With concrete tips and tools that you can use immediately. And then you can share it with your teams, if you wish.
  • We assist you in developing a great Workplace Team Culture.Emotions are contagious. Improving your relationship quality, you will be able to inspire and change your workplace context.


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