The International Leadership Association traditionally organizes its annual conference that forms a platform to explore leadership ways, as well as the expectations induced on the current leaders. 2020, to everyone’s stun, became an explicit showcase of how leadership can seem, at times, like merely an empty word.

Therefore, this year’s virtual conference brings together global leaders and academics and thinkers committed to leading research and development to bring the word leadership the honorable sense it deserves. It focuses on leadership that inspires people to act individually and collectively in ways that are kind and that nourish one another; and that helps to move toward a healthy planet and a better world instead of the opposite direction.

Redscope’s executive director Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha has been working on leadership development for over 20 years. Claudia does not only have first-hand experience on the matter but also has been addressing the complex leadership imperfections within the scope of the EU. This year Claudia joins the Leading at the Edge Conference to once more challenge the attendees to think more creatively and inspire to practice courageous leadership.

Leading at the Edge conference is virtual – so wherever you are around the world, you can join us from Nov. 5-9 online. #TogetherWeLeadChange!

“We exist on the edge of innovation and destruction, the edge of what we dread versus what we dream. The varied global responses to the ongoing pandemic have brought these edges into sharp relief. Edges of natural systems and societies naturally stimulate growth and inventiveness as their inhabitants navigate their way through the borderlands.”

– International leadership Association