The Redscope team has recently discuss Gender Equality (GE) with Alexander de Croo, Deputy PM and Minister of Finance and Development Cooperation of Belgium. 

In the conversation, Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha (REDSCOPE) and Alexander de Croo agreed that GE is one of the main priority in today’s world. They also share the opinion that this is a Challenge which requires both men and women fully on board. They discussed the challenges facing leaders to achieve inclusion in the workplace, the gap between the average of graduate women in the EU (61% of all graduates) and the gender diversity in top positions, and the underlying bias that still hinders our societies. They also agreed we cannot continue wasting the talents of 51% of the European population, as you can listen in the video conversation.

Minister de Croo has been an outspoken supporter of GE – representing what some of us like to call a « Man.bassador ». Among others, he wrote a book on the topic “The Age of Women: Why Feminism Also Liberates Men”, where he claims that Women and women’s rights are the key to progress. In his book, de Croo makes an impassioned plea in order to make gender equality a reality with data and stories to demonstrate the far-reaching benefits.