Leadership for the Common Good:From Rhetoric to Action 

@ ILA 20th Anniversary Global Conference “Authentic Leadership for Progress, Peace & Prosperity “

24-27 October 2018, West Palm Beach. FL, USA



The Topic

There are clear reasons to worry about the consequences and impact of leadership these days. The VUCA world, disruptive security trends, populist leaders blossoming all over, cultural polarization, economic disorder and growing lack of trust by citizens and stakeholders for the leaders of our world. The latter is partially the result of what leaders say and the results of what they do diverge. Experts and different stakeholders tend to agree that we are living what could be a pivotal moment in the world’s history, again.

The Panel

This panel builds on the big ILA conference on “Leading in Turbulent Times” and bring together a stellar collection of leading academics and practitioners from the two sides of the Atlantic:
Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha, Senior Leadership Advisor, Author, Director of RedScope Consulting
Elzbieta Jablonska, chair of Public Leadership MIG International Leadership Association, founder of Ardito Consulting                                                                                                                                                                   ” Emilio Iodice, best selling author, Diplomat, Director at Loyola University
Jesse Segers, Professor, Associate Dean of Education & Master Programs
Mike Hardy, founding Director of the Centre for Trust, Peace. Social Relations at Coventry University; President of the International Leadership Association

In this era of fake news, we need our collective intelligence to develop authentic leaders who can engage with their followers and stakeholders to create a future that embraces progress, fosters peace, and creates prosperity for the greater good of the global community.

However, when terminology like “authentic leadership”, “leadership for Peace”, “leadership for the common good” is used, it is very easy to fall in demagogical simplifications, magniloquent empty speeches or wishful thinking. Therefore, the hard questions are how to address such a fundamental theme moving beyond the temptation of simplifications? How to effectively contribute – as individuals and community – to a more authentic, sustainable and ethical leadership? How to move from academic & political rhetoric to concrete positive action?

The panel includes senior results-oriented European and American voices, women, and men, working in leadership fields at the nexus of practice and scholarship for many years. They will explore and inter-connect the big global trends with their own leadership experiences and their experience working with various leaders all over the globe, from the US to Europe and the Middle East, from Bhutan to East Timor. Presenters enjoy a relatively rare background of having worked with top political leaders and in diverse political settings: political leaders and national governments in both the South and North, in developing and developed nation-states, with international organisations including European Union (EU) institutions, the United Nations System, Club de Madrid, as well as with private sector and non-governmental leaders.


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The Questions that will be addressed by the panel 

They will examine and discuss the facts and trends in their sectors, share new ideas, and analyze the questions below through the lenses of their unique expertise:
– What makes for authenticity in leaders? How can each of us remain authentic and come across as such in today’s multi-dimensional world? How do we know when we are authentic in our contribution?
– How can we develop and sustain authentic leadership (cross-culturally), based on ethical and inclusive values in our different realms of action?
– If courage and audacity in thought are qualities of authenticity, how do we boost these while preserving ethical leadership, democratic values in governance, and sustainable progress?

The panel will share best practices, academic insights and lessons-learned on leadership solutions that deliver progress, peace, and prosperity, and highlight their experience of what inhibits and obstructs such positive change. A methodology will be designed to create space for an interactive exchange with participants.