Gender equality is not just about « fixing » women. It is in fact a win-win process for  everyone, men and women. It requires all of us to use what has been one of human kind’s key survival strengths: the capacity to work collectively. We all have a voice and in order to move forward, we must listen to each other. 

With these ideas in mind, on the 10th of september, Redscope co-organised and facilitated the work and the discussions on women’s leadership at Levi Strauss Europe. In a collective way, we pushed the crowd to use the power of their minds and energy, to find solutions, ideas and recommendations for some of the different topics that need to be addressed in companies like Levis. We believe that moving towards truly inclusive and gender balanced organisations is a work in progress and need all the people in action.







We witnessed the power of collective intelligence which remain the core of today’s companies, especially as the 4 th revolution becomes a reality, new digital and V.U.C.A world. The participants were truly eager to debate and wiling to find solutions to the problems which surrender recruitment, retention, career development for women, Unconscious bias and/or stereotypes.

We celebrated optimism with a wall of success and honoured today’s accomplishments.

Following the participant work, Claudia de Castro Calderinha facilitated a conversation with leaders to accelerate the development of women leaders at LS&Co. Seth Ellison LSE President,
Diana Dimitian VP cluster South , Hubert van Nuvel VP HR,  and Sandrine Besnard Corblet LSE Chief counsel, discussed all the possibilities for a more inclusive and diverse organisation. They gave inspirational and powerful advices which set the ton for the development of more inclusive and diverse initiatives.

As Seth Elisson said “we/you are all leaders, even without titles, since we all have the power to make (small and big) changes”. Our world, our companies, our way of living is changing. Let’s continue building this new future, each of us, and together in our companies, organisations, societies. And remember what Margaret Mead used to say: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”