The concept of inclusive leadership is interactively discussed among EC senior managers – these will therefore be more informed and motivated to incorporate it into everyday working lives. Redscope Consulting was invited to lead the interactive seminar to increase awareness of senior management of the benefits of inclusive leadership.

Indeed, today’s leading and forward-thinking organizations understand that diversity and inclusion is much more than a buzzword, it’s a success strategy capable of driving performance, enhancing innovation, and engaging and retaining talented employees. As advocates for inclusion, inclusive leaders are values-driven, emotionally intelligent and act in alignment with their personal values. They know it is a strategic priority to bring different talents into the “new normal” of today’s digital world. They know the importance of bringing in a balanced ratio of women and men, of different origins and ages and other minority groups.


Being aware that he/she does not know everything, an inclusive leader does not only ask a lot of questions and listens actively, he or she is also aware that the diversity in the team, the different experiences, knowledge and backgrounds create space for better and more innovative solutions, which Deloitte (2017) also proved in their research. Put together they stand for a growth mindset, for the willingness to continuously learn and humility not to (have to) know it all.

Contact us, if you have any questions regarding the matter of inclusion in the workplace or wish to strengthen it within your teams and let’s bring the positive change to this world #together!