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New Leadership for the #NewWorld

COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how viscerally vulnerable humanity is not only to public health challenges but to global crises in general, amplifying that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century. The current situation, more than ever before, requires agile, transparent, responsive, and inclusive leaders and teams, who can be resilient during the instability we now find ourselves in. We have collected here some of the key elements for organizations, leaders, and teams to take into account when designing their plans for this year and beyond. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support in these challenging times – this is our area of expertise!



    Leading a Team at the Age of Remote Work


COVID-19 has made working remotely the new norm across the globe. As a part of this new reality, leaders of remote teams should have clear guidelines in order to set the right communication system amongst teams. We have compiled a list of ‘must do’s if businesses are to function well remotely here



Inclusion and Diversity – More Than Ever A Need


The first half of 2020 reminded us how unprecedented health and socio-economic crisis still unevenly affects women and minority groups.  The UN Secretary-General alerts that this crisis can even reverse the limited progress made on diversity and gender equality in the past decades. For instance, if women could have the same lifetime earnings as men, global wealth could increase by $172 trillion, and human capital wealth could increase by about one fifth globally. Hence, if policies and systems, and funding are not put in place to avoid this, inequalities will continue to widen during and after the pandemic, and society and economy will lose, says the World Bank.


Here are some recent reads on this topic we can recommend:

  1. The EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-25, which pursues a dual approach of gender mainstreaming combined with targeted actions, with intersectionality as a horizontal principle.
    2. EIGE’s gender budgeting toolkit: This is how the EU Funds can speed up gender equality.
    3. Uniting for Diversity by the AmCham EU highlights the range of initiatives that companies are implementing in order to unlock the talent potential of underrepresented groups.

If you recognize the need for more diversity and inclusion in your organization and need support, we have more than 10 years of working experience on the matter. Happy to be in touch!

Our Summer Calendar

14.07 – Coaching Coffee Time
By Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha & Dorothy Dalton

How has #COVID impacted you? There is no doubt that lockdown has taken and is still taking its toll on all of us. Many report feeling in limbo, digesting individual, and collective trauma. If you feel this way or just want to chat and share your confinement stories with two accomplished coaches, who also have something to say, ask us for a zoom link and join in.

Looking forward to seeing you!

08.20 and 11.20: Emotional Intelligence – Training of Trainers
By Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha in 3 x 3h Modules Program Online

Today’s leaders and teams more than ever before are expected to be agile and responsive to the context of the radically-changing and emotionally charged world we live in. Emotional Intelligence is not only desirable but necessary if agility, collaboration, and responsiveness are to be mastered.
After more than 10 years of training people on these topics, we have recently developed a program dedicated to leaders, managers, trainers, coaches, and all people with team responsibilities on the matter of Emotional Intelligence tools. Our program is designed to guide and help you use these in your professional context and/or to train others. We are encouraging you to participate and help us lead this world into a sustainable future. You can find more details here.
Dates – 2 Cycles in 2020: 17, 18, and 23.08.2020 / 04, 05 and 10.11.2020Get in touch for prices, questions, and registration. Or if you wish to book other dates for your organization/company.

Summer 2020: Closure, Connection, Celebration – Women’s Informal Circle
Facilitated by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha 

Talking with women around us, we felt there was a need for a certain type of “closure” in relation to what each of us has gone through during the confinement period, a need for togetherness “au feminin” in a space people can both be vulnerable and joyful, share and care, (re)connect and project ourselves forward.
This idea started as a little circle of special women friends, but the feedback by many was that we should open this up for others who might need/enjoy it.
So we decided to offer this informal program starting with women’s empowering meditation and continuing with facilitated sharing what each of us felt, learned, changed, gained during these last months, and a final moment to share a drink together and toast for a positive future.
This is a free initiative that is part of our public service.  There are going to be 2 circles involving 10 people each held in a garden which allows for social distance. Get in touch to be included in our circles and have more details.

Other Activities

Participate in the online European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) Events

Take action for Equality between women and men signing the petition #HalfOfIT

Watch “Women’s Europe: Voices in Times of Covid19” /w Members of European Parliament, European Commission, EIGE, European Women’s Lobby, and senior professionals. Video 1. Video 2. Video 3. Video 4.

Summer Readings

  1. Madeleine Albright Out of Power.
  2. KatherineTylerScott The Fire Next Timeon leadership, racism, and peace.
  3. Herminia Ibarra Reinventing Your Career in the Time of Coronavirus.
  4. POLITICO The World Order Is Dead. Here’s How to Build a New One for a Post-Coronavirus Era
  5. HRB 3 Behavioral Trends That Will Reshape Our Post-Covid World.


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