Powerfully and “Diversely” Human
Global mega-trends are reshaping the environment and influencing priorities for decision-makers, organisations and teams. Some core aspects of leadership – vision, direction, strategic acumen – remain in order. However, there is a “new” capability-set that is vital to the way leadership is executed in the 21st century: inclusive leadership. This entails leaders committed to diversity and inclusion, because these objectives align with their personal values and because it is a strategic priority to bring different talents into their “new normal”.
In our “new world” dominated by machines and algorithms, this type leadership can re-create collective Meaning and facilitate the colossal transformations ahead in institutions, organisations, societies.


Including 60% of today’s talent pool

Today’s disruption allows us to (finally!) understand and value the importance of the traditionally called “feminine” abilities: emotional intelligence, the ability to create communities, compromise and lead with agility.

To become – or remain–  prosperous in the 21st century, decision-makers need to learn the key leadership skill of inclusion and be able to get the best talents and the array of diverse skills and talents brought by men and (the 60% graduates who are) women.

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Redefining Power and Transforming Leadership 
Honoured to be the Master of Ceremonies of the 2018 JUMP Forum, “the” Annual event for Gender Equality at work and advancing women’s careers.
Isabella Lenarduzzi and her team have, once again, successfully brought together international inspirational leaders, decision-makers from the different sectors, and a big array of talented trainers, coaches and participants.

Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission: “We are at an age of incredible disruption and everything’s going to change within years, not decades. This is such an exciting time because this leads to so many people wanting to embrace the future – a more equal future, a better future”. JUMP’s video here.


Last but not the least, Redscope Consulting is proud to announce that we are opening our successful
Career Program at a very democratic price – as part of our 2018 goal to empower young women. 
The complex world out there needs a whole range of new skills and talents and we are happy to share our passion and experience with talented young people who are ready to co-create a sustainable, inclusive, human world…


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