Emotional Intelligence (EI) is considered a key ability in today’s changing world.

Today’s managers and team leaders are expected to be agile, to be able to make the “right decisions”, to select the “best choices” – and to do it fast and effectively. They are also expected to have a strong set of people’s skills and talents that allow them to drive growth and to successfully manage a globalized system of relationships; to manage multicultural performant & inclusive organisations; to inspire engagement and manage people (staff, stakeholders, public, customers, media, etc) with emotional intelligence and tactful acumen.

Put schematically, EI is composed of 5 elements: Self-awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Social Skills and Empathy. It is a set of skills and tools that are necessary for building trust, creating a sense of group identity and efficacy, solving problems with others, cooperating, and participating productively in any group. Emotional intelligent professionals know how to motivate their teams, they can easily negotiate & communicate with different stakeholders, they are able to prevent conflicts and, in case the tensions are there, they can rapidly manage it in order to focus on the organization’s interests.

This is a toolbox we have been using with effective results for the last 10 years, in Europe and worldwide.


There will be 3 modules of 1 day each, once a month, with in-between learning and development tools.  A final Certification Form issued by Redscope Consulting, an international provider of EI training for more than 10 years.

For Whom

For trainers, coaches and all people with team responsibilities. This program will guide you exhaustively through the best Emotional Intelligence tools and help you using these in your professional context and/or train others into acquiring this set of abilities.


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