The First Women in Leadership Transatlantic Dialogue took place in Brussels, capital of the European Union. A cultural boundary-crossing event that has brought together 42 senior women from the two sides of the Atlantic – all of whom engage in the study and practice of women’s leadership and gender diversity in different professional realms and positions.


These women are all inspiring leaders in their sectors, and are engaged change-makers who work for gender inclusion and diversity in their different countries and sectors in society (academics and researchers, practitioners, educators, civil servants, business leaders, politicians, civil society representatives, networks leaders, journalists, etc.). Jointly,  they have reflected on how to advance women’s leadership in today’s challenging and turbulent world. Specifically, they have discussed in mixed working groups (EU/US, different sectors, age groups, etc) the following topics: The Changing Nature of Work and the impact on women; The Increasing Influence of New Governing Systems;Technology and hyper-connectivity from a gender perspective; Diversifying Inequalities and the challenges ahead.

To read the full report of the outcomes of the Transatlantic Dialogue on Women and Leadership, click here: Report: Key Societal Trends and the Impact for Women’s Access, Action and Effectiveness as Leaders.

In the report:  General overview, Concept and Outputs; Key societal trends that will most likely affect women as leaders in the coming two decades; Specific outcomes per Working Group:(i) The Changing Nature of Work; (ii) The Increasing Influence of New Governing Systems;(iii) Technology and Impact on Women;(iv) Diversifying Inequalities; (v) Annexes: Books, articles, videos and other resources recommended by Dialogue participants.

Please note this report is based on different participants’ notes and it does not necessarily reflect all the participant’s or the Redscope’s common views or positions. It is a dynamic document that captured the diversity of views and ideas during this dialogue and will hopefully continue to nourish this transatlantic collaboration.

Watch a short video of the event below: