As we all run to close business and leave for nice destinations, we are sharing a few things to inspire you over the summer break: the story of a leader making change, a peek into our post-summer activities, and a great opportunity for you to grow as a person and as a leader. The REDSCOPE team wishes you a great summer to recharge your batteries.


Today’s leadership is about inclusion 

Caroline Thomaes, GM Benelux at P&G is our Role Model of the month.

As a leader and as a woman, Caroline feels she “has it all”. We asked this inspirational woman what type of Leadership is needed in today’s Europe and World, and how to get there. Caroline’s interview and her 3 TOP TIPS for leaders – and leaders-to-be,  here




Moving forward?  

Applications have opened for the next edition of our very successful Women and Career Program ( Nov 2018 – March 2019), and you can still take advantage of reductions and payment options that make participation possible for anyone who is interested.

We believe our complex world needs a range of new skills and talents. This is why we made it our social goal in 2018-2019 to empower 51% of leaders-to-be: women. We love to share our passion and expertise with those who wish to take a leap forward, start their own project/business and/or make an impact in the world – and in their careers.

This series of trainings and the group work made me feel more empowered than ever. I’ve learned a huge amount about myself, what I really want to be doing in the coming years and how to get there – using my own talents instead of trying to imitate others. It was a great investment and I really recommend it!” – Mary Lewis, JN&P Consulting.


Redscope kicks-off its Young Influencers Program

Redscope is excited to launch the Young Influencers Project! 

Millennials are emerging as powerful change-makers. We believe young people are becoming leaders in their own right and their contribution is crucial, whether that is in their communities, for Europe or in the world. We are doing our bit to support them, among others, by sharing their stories and their tips so others who wish to can follow their example. Do you know any young men and women who are leading positive change? please get in touch.

This month we feature Minna Salami, the founder of inspirational feminist blog MsAfropolitan. Minna is listed alongside Michelle Obama as one of “12 Women changing the world” by ELLE Magazine, and regularly writes in The Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post, among others. Check her interview and tips here.



If you happen to be in Florida in October 2018, you are VERY welcome to attend two of REDSCOPE’s conferences at the Annual Global Summit of the International Leadership Association. With partners, we are gathering top experts to discuss the following topics:

How to effectively contribute – as individuals, companies, and communities – to more authentic, sustainable and ethical leadership? How to move from academic & political rhetoric -and fake news- to concrete positive action?

Leading experts from the United States, Japan and the European Union share their research and experience in how authentic leadership builds legitimacy for women in (or aiming at) leadership while being a catalyst for positive change across cultural barriers

 Know more

 Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Make thins happen. 
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