We have exciting news: our Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha, has joined Ira Chaleff’s initiative to create a global network of senior professionals, academics, and practitioners working with courageous leadership and followership to advance and spread the use of the model within leadership practices. The newly formed Courageous Follower Coordinating Council is a very international team, representing five countries and four continents!

We look forward to nourishing the seeds of Courageous Leadership & Followership that Ira Chaleff has generously planted by organizing the Community’s programming and resources, training managers and senior professionals, and extending the knowledge on the power of courageous followers at the global level.


A community of academics and practitioners certified in the application of Courageous Followership concepts in curricula, workshops, and organizational culture. Members can access resources, interact with colleagues, share experiences, participate in forums, ask for help, and more.

For whom?

All graduates of a Courageous Follower Train the Trainer Program and other approved experienced followership educators can have membership rights. You can sign up to gain access to the Courageous Follower Educator community where together we can make our world better here.

If you are a member already?

As membership in our community is by invitation only, we want to hear from YOU as to how the Teaching Followers Courage community can best serve your needs. The monthly webinars by individual members who are teaching followership have already proved very beneficial and have been a great opportunity to connect with people.

Can we promote your followership-related publications? Send you client referrals? Be a sounding board for curriculum development? This community can help you reignite your intention to integrate courageous followership into the rest of your work! Please let us know what you’re most interested in, and how this courageous community might support you!