21 February 2019, Brussels 


The theme for this year’s TEDxYouth@EEB3 event is “Is There a Limit”. This theme was chosen so that it would allow speakers to creatively and uniquely apply their knowledge of a specific topic to answer the question of: Is There a Limit? The subject to which there might be a limit is a variable. The speaker is free to choose a topic that they have a specific understanding of and use that knowledge to progressively answer the question of whether or not there might be a limit to the chosen subject, where the subject may be a skill, study or simply an everyday task. The aim of this is to provide speakers with an opportunity to address a subject that truly inspires them, and that most people won’t cross paths with on a daily basis.

As well as that, the theme had to be interesting enough to make anyone curious about any topic, whether it be science, art or technology. This theme therefore allows speakers to speak about things that would make people curious, even if they would previously not have associated with that specific topic in any way, but also allows them to start from scratch rather than have to explain everything at a higher level.


Matthieu Bourguignon, Senior Vice President Europe, Global Enterprise & Public Sector at NOKIA
Aubane Verger, co-founder of the first zero waste and carbon neutral restaurant in Brussels
Yves Luyens, Teacher at International School of Waterloo
Antonio Amendola, Executive Director of International External Affairs for AT&T is based in Brussels
Bernd Langeheine, Senior Consultant at Cleary Gottlieb
Geoffrey Compere, Research Associate at ULB
Claudia De Castro Caldeirinha, Senior Leadership expert and founder and director of Redscope Consulting

More speakers and more information will be released in the coming weeks.