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Together we can make great changes happen


More than ever before, managers need to deliver efficiently while showing agility, emotional intelligence and the capacity to include all talents, motivate teams and stakeholders. As digitalisation, machines and algorithms change the nature of work, leaders are called to provide collective meaning, accompany (and anticipate) change and be complementary to the plethora of new digital solutions.

One of the “new” challenges of 21st century leaders and companies is the ability to attract, include and manage the Talent of increasingly diverse, multicultural and globalized societies. Inclusive and plural teams bring an increase in performance, more agility, greater employee retention, more motivation and emotional commitment, bigger resilience through change, and higher returns on investment (ROI). Creating these global, agile and inclusive cultures requires well prepared leaders and inspired teams. This is constant “work-in-progress”, and it should be initiated strategically, then maintained, assessed and nurtured over time. This is a process that requires commitment, investment, courage and determination. REDSCOPE has more than 10 years assisting leaders and companies building these new cultures, through learning and development (L&D) programs and inspirational Seminars tailored to the unique needs of our clients needs, goals and context. Together we can build transformational processes and – ultimately – more efficient, agile and inclusive work cultures.

We offer Blended Learning Solutions for your Managers and Talents on:

  1. Inclusive Leadership
  2. Emotional Intelligence & Agility
  3. Team Culture & Motivation
  4. Coach your Team for Results
  5. Talent Development
  6. Team Culture & Courageous Followership (Ira Chaleff Model)


After decades of studies and research “the case for gender diversity” has made its way and is showing the manifold positive consequences of developing gender diverse organisations. This includes the Leadership/Management level where unbalances are still high. And this is where REDSCOPE is a privileged Solutions Partner.

We help companies/institutions to:

  1. Reach their Diversity Targets
  2. Develop their Talented women leadership skills
  3. Prepare talented women to lead

  • Gender Diversity programs: From glass ceilings to work-life balance, deep-rooted stereotypes and office politics, women executives still deal with very specific hurdles and challenges. This need to be understood and addressed for diversity strategies to succeed.
  • Women Leadership (WL) program : self-awareness, self-confidence, self-motivation, leadership skills, tools and support for your talented women to effectively access/progress leadership positions.


“Great things are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

Effective group work is the backbone of a successful organization. When people truly work as a team, their organisations/companies perform better and individuals experience a higher level of motivation, sense of collective belonging and a shared mission and meaning. It is a “win-win-win” solution.

Our services address some of the key areas that allow a group of individuals to become a functional team: Creating a shared understanding of purpose and vision; Aligning values, mission, goals and action plans; collectively building a sense of connection between the team, other teams in the same organization and key stakeholders; bridging silo-mentalities across well-designed groups & processes; adapting to changes & drastic transformations; helping teams to use collective intelligence to reach new solutions for their challenges; transforming hierarchical relations into productive partnerships.


Whether you’re seeking to produce a memorable event, build high performance teams, reduce employee turnover, retain customers or improve engagement, we can help you. From the stage of defining the idea, to designing the event, developing the message and conveying it with passion.

  • We provide the inspirational speakers (experts in the areas of leadership, gender diversity and women leadership, team development, and related areas) that will galvanize your audience, stimulate new ideas, fuel passion, enthusiasm and motivation.
  • We help you plan, guide and manage a group event, and ensure that the group’s objectives are met successfully, with sharp thinking, good participation and full buy-in from those involved. We assist you in creating group processes and the adequate environments in which good solutions and conclusions can develop. We offer tailored-made products and a wide range of strategic and innovative methodologies.
  • In case you have an internal speaker and need some help in preparing his/her inspirational talk, we can advise and coach the person until s/he can ensure a passionate and invigorating speech.


Whether you wish to step up in your current career, regain motivation in the work you do, have an expert (soundboard) opinion about a situation/conflict at work, or fully re-think a new professional path, we can help.

Career related choices can create a fair amount of anxiety, doubt and vulnerability – and that is only normal. We help our clients to understand situations, relationships and emotions that may be keeping them stuck in their careers. We help them develop a career plan that is aligned with their needs, dreams and goals, and we assist them in (re)gaining confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration to pursue their objectives.

If that is your goal, we help you to improve your communication and your presentation skills, and to develop your strategy to success.