Taking the next step in your professional life is not always easy – especially when you are preparing to leap into or away from a leadership position.  These career-related choices can create a fair amount of anxiety, doubt and vulnerability – and that is only normal. The Women & Career Program aims at developing self-awareness, self-confidence, authentic talents and strategic skills to access leadership positions; at supporting and accompanying your career leap; at understanding what this change will mean; and at creating a strong personal attitude and professional brand.

Redscope Consulting is proud to offer our successful Women & Career Program to all female-professionals at a discounted price as part of our 2018/9 goal to empower more women!

The Program

This successful program aims at developing women’s talent and attitudes to lead, formally and informally. It includes practical exercises to develop self-awareness, confidence, assertiveness, personal values/meaning and strategic career-change skills.

The program includes the following Modules:

  • Module 1: Making the most out of your talents
  • Module 2: Expanding your Charisma and Influence
  • Module 3: Raising your Profile & Persuading
  • Module 4: Making a Difference in the World

The program will include 4 half-day (group-)workshops spread over 5 months, as well as individual tasks between workshops. For more information and registration contact info@redscope-consulting.com


What participants will gain

  • A career development plan based on individual talents, values and aspirations, strategic thinking, and a concrete Learning and Development toolbox.
  • Awareness of individual strengths, skills and qualities that will propel them to become exceptional leaders.
  • Authentic and more effective ways of leading, changing, inspiring and influencing.
  • Frank and supportive feedback: what’s working and what needs to improve.
  • An inspiring and supportive network of authentic and inspiring role models, mentors and leaders from across sectors in Brussels/Europe and elsewhere.
  • New ideas to enhance women leadership, lots of best practices and concrete tips.
  • Substantial professional and personal benefits to yourself and your organization.


The normal fee for each module is €500,-. (€2000,- for the full program of four modules). Because of our 2018 goal of empowering more young female professionals in Europe, we are offering this highly reduced rate of €245,- per module! For payment and discount options, click here.

Please note that since we want to keep our groups small and effective, only a limited number of places are available.


“The Women & Career Program fully meets the choice that I made to seek out help moving beyond my limitations, knowledge and framework.” – Monica Dias, Corporate Actions Service Manager, Euroclear

“Claudia acts as group coach and facilitator in our pilot talent management programme for women managers. Managing the fine balance between appreciating individual personalities and fully exploiting positive group dynamics is her great strength. And this combined with a strong result oriented mindset.” – Marc Wilinkens, HR Head of Unit, European Commission.

“This series of training and group work made me feel more empowered than ever. I’ve learned hugely about myself, what I really want to be doing in the coming years and how to get there – using my own talents instead of trying to imitate others. It was a great investment and I really recommend it!” – Mary Lewis, JNP Consulting, Brussels

The Consultant

The modules have been developed over the years by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha, Executive Director of Redscope Consulting. Claudia has over 20 years of professional experience in leadership and organizational development. She is an international consultant, speaker, author and certified coach. Claudia works with leaders and teams to develop agile, inclusive and value-driven work-cultures that are ready to thrive -and survive- in the 21st century.

Previous and current partners and clients include the European Institutions, The United Nations, OSCE, the George Soros Foundation, the Club of Madrid, several leading banks in the EU member states,  GreenHouse and Demos Group, among many others. She speaks at various public events in Europe and abroad and teaches in leadership modules in numerous university programs in Europe (e.g., the Executive Program for Women Leaders of the Vlerick Business School, the Leadership stream of the Lisbon MBA and the Post-Graduate Training for future leaders of University of Roma Tor Vergata). She is an active member of the International Leadership Association.