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Cultivating the Leadership needed for a Better World

Claudia works with people from all over the world to make organisations and society more equal and fair. She has lots of experience all around the world and in Europe, which helped her understand that we need leaders who are ethical, brave, and make sure everyone is included. This will help make workplaces more equal and make sure people are treated with respect and fairness.

Leading the way for 20 years

Experience, Expertise, and Excellence by Redscope's Founder & CEO,
Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha

Claudia's professional journey

Claudia started as a political scientist, researching and working during a long academic career on topics related to international relations, democracy, human rights, conflict and mediation, identity studies and strategies to change systems to become more ethical, values-driven and inclusive.

Claudia Moved to Brussels, started working with the European Commission, opened and directed the George Soros Democracy Coalition Project for Europe, then the Club of Madrid Brussels office, among others. Worked with world leading organisations and companies, global leaders, and learnt from the best teachers, in more than 60 countries, in all continents.

My believe is that real effectiveness needs all voices and hands on-deck.

Leave no one behind!

Together we can create positive transformation!

Driven by a strong sense of independence, purpose and passion, Claudia opened her own consulting, REDSCOPE, to offer support to leaders, executives, decision-makers and change-makers at all levels in their organisations, to create balanced, diverse, and inclusive leadership and work cultures. Her broad portfolio of clients includes Presidents, Prime-Ministers, EU leaders & CEOs – but also executives, activists, academics, executive students and informal change-makers.

One seed at a time, cultivating the leadership and the change we need for brighter, sustainable and more inclusive organisations and world.

Speaker - Facilitator - Expert - Coach
Claudia has authored three books
Intergenerational Women Leaders Initiative.

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