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Bridging Generations Of Women Leaders In Europe

Here age is not a barrier!​

Community of Respect and Learning:

IWLI is a community where all women and all ages are respected, valued, and inspired to both share their experiences and know-know and to learn from one another, across ages and life cycles.

We believe in the power of intergenerational exchange, where the experience and networks of older women support younger leaders, and the latter’s fresh perspectives, skills and tech-mindsets benefit all.

Key Initiatives


Tailored Services

Book a call to learn more about our tailored services and stay tuned for updates on free resources in this page, in coming weeks.

• Reach us for tailored services to organizations seeking age/gender diversity and inclusivity.

• Individual & collective services to women in different life-career stages needing support for professional growth and transition.

Mutual Inspiration Across Generations

Join us at IWLI and be part of a community committed to fostering synergies, building meaningful relationships, and driving positive change.

Become a member of our Linkedin Community to stay inspired and informed of our upcoming events and initiatives.

Thank you to our amazing partners & supporters, especially The Nine.


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