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Women Leading

the Way in Brussels

By Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha and Corinna Hörst

Breaking Barriers,
Inspiring more women to Lead

The first of its kind in Europe, “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” challenges the status quo, celebrates the transformative power of women leaders and their allies, reinforces the significance of role models to inspire more women to fulfil their potential, and contributes to question stereotypes & bias while paving the way for more balanced, fair and inclusive workplaces.

This pioneer book goes beyond merely highlighting diverse leadership models, aiming to challenge stereotypes on how women should lead.

a personal journey

Corinna and Claudia’s journey to Brussels

Two decades ago, marked the beginning of a new chapter in the ambitious careers of these young new directors in global organizations.

At around 30 years old, they navigated the intricate and competitive landscape of Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

In a time when discussions about gender equality, women in leadership, and unconscious bias were basically non-existent, they faced the challenges of a world largely ignorant of these issues.

They missed having a book like “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” to provide guidance and inspiration. 

Filling a crucial void. Triggering awareness & change

Claudia, with a gender studies background, faced and observed systemic gender biases. Often the sole woman in high-level discussions, she witnessed the silencing of women’s voices through microaggressions and exclusion from critical projects.

The Turning Point

In 2006, the global #metoo movement and subsequent influential works reshaped the landscape. Claudia integrated these influences into her Talks and Teaching activities for increased gender equality. 

Partnering with brilliant Corinna, they recognised the dearth of accessible women leadership books in Europe, spurring them to create a necessary and impactful collection of role model stories.

This book and our collective efforts launched a transformation for us and Europe, ushering in a new era of gender equality and inclusive leadership in Brussels and beyond.

What Is In The Book?

  1. The stories of 14 women leaders from the different international sectors and background, based in Brussels.
  2. Facts & figures about women in decision-making in Europe, per professional sector.
  3. Advice and “dos and don’ts” for women leaders-to-be and all person aspiring at becoming more aware, gender-balanced and inclusive. 

4. List of recommendations to develop more gender-inclusive organisations.

5. Directory of initiatives that support professional women in Brussels.

6. Glossary of the “new language” of inclusion.

There are as many Leadership styles as there are Leaders

Which is Yours?

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