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Empowering leaders and teams for a diverse and inclusive world

Learn from the expertise and experience of Redscope in inclusive and collaborative organizational culture, leaders and teams, women’s leadership, and intergenerational dialogue.

We need more resilient and innovative organisations and society, participatory democratic values, and truly sustainable solutions to surf today’s challenges - and that can only happen when all voices and perspectives participate in the processes and decisions that will affect everybody’s lives in that system (organisation, community, country, world).


Strategic insights to drive your organization forward.


Expert guidance for navigating leadership challenges.


Inspirational talks to motivate and empower.


Skill-building sessions for professional development.


Personalized coaching to unlock your leadership potential.

Organisational Development

Your Partner for Leadership Development, Gender Parity, Collaborative Teams and Inclusive Cultures

You are on the path to success! With our Strategic Consulting services, you can tailor programs to meet specific organizational needs. We offer problem-solving and strategic planning sessions to help you overcome any obstacle and reach your goals.

Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve. Remember, with dedication and our expert guidance, anything is possible!

In a world growing more volatile, dangerous and polarised, and a Europe at risk of losing its democratic essence, my work involves planting seeds of positive transformation, at 3 levels: individual, collective, systemic. 

Executive Coaching and Mentorship

Empowering women and men of all ages, (re)igniting careers, with purpose and passion

Recognize workplace obstacles, create inclusive environment with our talent pipeline & Unconscious Bias Training for diversity. Together, embrace inclusivity for team harmony & improved performance.

Unlock potential, foster innovation. Let’s work together!

Keynote Speaking and Facilitator

Building a diverse and equitable workplace

Promoting progress and growth by bringing together high-level individuals and organizations from various sectors. Our goal is to facilitate open dialogue and collaboration among these groups in order to advance common agendas and achieve collective growth.

Our round-tables and seminars are designed to inspire and challenge our participants to think creatively and strategically, and to approach problems from a fresh perspective.

We believe that by coming together and sharing ideas, we can create a more vibrant and prosperous future for all. Join us today and become part of a community dedicated to making a positive impact on the world!

My purpose and passion is to support all professionals who wish to promote these values and foster a human-centric approach—motivated not by “power for the sake of power” but by a genuine desire to effect positive change.

Leadership & Equality Advisor

Thought-leader trusted by European Union institutions and leading international companies

The constantly changing landscape of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) context requires a new breed of leaders. Those who focus on progress and prosperity by showing agility, reliance, emotional intelligence, and a values-driven approach. Our team empowers companies/institutions to embrace better leadership practices by acting in accordance with the ’10 commandments’ of the

Inclusive Leader, managing diverse teams in a Global World, and adapting flawlessly to new global leadership systems. We aspire to lead by example and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s not be afraid to stretch and grow, together, let’s embrace a future full of opportunities!

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