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Women leading the way in Europe: conversation with Helena Braun

“Women Leading the Way in Europe” is a monthly series of informal interviews with role models that are leading the way for gender equality in Europe. They were initially conceived as a celebration of the 5 year anniversary (already!) of the book “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” (co-authored by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha and Corinna Hörst). 

What is the purpose of these interviews? To take stock of the last 5 years, both in terms of developments but also in terms of setbacks for women in leadership, to assess the present trends, and to provide a vision (and tips) for the coming years.

Our third guest is Helena Braun. 

She is a Member of the Cabinet of Frans Timmermans, the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission leading the work on the European Green Deal. Moreover, she is also one of the great minds behind the EU’s most celebrated steps into securing a better climate governance for all at EU level.

In this interview, Helena Braun brilliantly addresses a variety of topics ranging from personal to factual ones:

  • She emphasises the importance of fostering and promoting gender equal partnerships in both, the personal and professional spheres.
  • She reminds us of the cruciality of legislation in order to keep the gains of what we have achieved in the field of gender equality. Furthermore, she leaves us an important message: nothing should be taken for granted.

In addition, she also shared with us her specific knowledge and ideas on:

  • How women should have more seats at environmental decision making tables.
  • The way in which climate change exacerbates existing inequalities between women and men.
  • And, finally, how the European Green Deal must be implemented through a gender lens. 

This is an enriching conversation that shows us why “mainstreaming” gender equality is an action that should be taken in every aspect of life, from personal, to political and scientific. If you want to know more about her expertise in the field of gender equality and climate change, please do not hesitate to watch the full interview.

Stay tuned for the upcoming interview in this series of talks!