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Women Leading The Way In Europe: Conversation With Monique Pariat

“Women Leading the Way in Europe” is a series of informal interviews with role models that are leading the way for gender equality in Europe. They were initially conceived as a celebration of the 5 year anniversary (already!) of the book “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” (co-authored by Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha and Corinna Hörst).

What is the purpose of these interviews? To take stock of the last 5 years, both in terms of developments but also in terms of setbacks for women in leadership, to assess the present trends, and to provide a vision (and tips) for the coming years.

Our fourth guest is European Commission Director General, Monique Pariat.

Since January 2020, Monique Pariat is the Director-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) in the European Commission. She leads the adoption, implementation, and monitoring of the EU’s legislation and policy on migration and asylum as well as on internal security. Between 2015-2020, Monique Pariat was the Director-General responsible for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO).

An EU civil servant for 37 years, a woman, a mother of 3 children, Monique Pariat is a leading figure in the EU environment who shows us that it is possible, it is possible for women to reach top positions.

In this interview, she shares her insights about how it was for her to become one of the first female European Commission’s leaders and her opinion on the current gender equality trend in the European Union and beyond. Finally, she offers us an important message for the younger generation: “Intergenerational mentoring is important. Surround yourself by inspiring people who make you feel confident.”

If you want to know more about his experience and expertise, watch the full interview.

And don’t hesitate to stay tuned for the upcoming interview in this series of talks!